It’s been exactly a year and three months since I first walked into my IIM Indore classroom. In my second year and an online mode, there are several things that I miss dearly.

Cultural and sports activities, which are a much-needed distraction from the rigour of classroom studies, are my favourite things to happen in the college other than the two fests.

(A bonfire night at last day of fest-ranbhoomi)

The IPM community is an almost 400 strong batch with several more studying in their MBA years, and all of us have some talent or the other, whether it be athletic or artistic. The cultural nights, the Football and volleyball leagues, inter and intra-batch wars are just some of the many events in a year. 

The IPM football league is conducted in the dirt ground and is an event that all the students look forward to. The sports comm assigns players as captains and gives them a budget, holds auctions, and the game is conducted 5-a-side. The high-pace and the small field contribute to adrenaline-filled gameplay. Another event is the ‘lit-fest’ that took place in December last year had a fantastic turnout. A day or two filled with activities, with all the SIGs in IPM coming forward and working with the Media Committee and the Activity Club, produced a memorable event.

The Quiz SIG held quizzes on tv series; the Literary club held the blind book date, debate competitions by the Debating SIG, etc. were held all revolving around Literature.

The campfire added a bit of charm to the event that had the entire IPM community come forward. Full days dedicated to the performing arts were also held by the Activity club, showcasing the IPM students’ talent. Other than these under-grad exclusive events, some events held by the Post-graduate students are also open to the IPM community. DJ nights are aplenty, and there is no shortage of events to showcase your talent at.

The world-class facilities at the campus often enhance these experiences and make them feel cherished. Even the bonfire nights in the chilly month of December with music and poetry all add to the campus experience. College life is not just about the marks you score or the salary package you manage to acquire; it’s also about bonding and brother/sisterhood. Even if they don’t take place this year, these events will surely stay and happen within our hearts.