Hello there! Ever wondered about the lodging and food at your dream campus, IIM Indore? Then you’ve come to the right spot. This blog-post explores the mess and hostel facilities available to IPMers at IIM Indore.


The institute has a mandatory mess-subscription policy for the IPM students on campus, as it believes that it is a  sustainable way to ensure that the students get a balanced diet while on campus. Every three months, the students pay a fixed amount of 20,000 for catering expenses. This amount is collected along with the regular term fees, and no additional transaction is required from the student’s end. The students’ default mess plan is pure-vegetarian. Worry not, if you are a non-vegetarian at heart because the caterer provides an option for purchasing an additional non-veg curry at a nominal sum of Rs 63/- per plate. The non-veg option is not subscription-based and must be availed each day individually. When the students leave for term break, they are allowed to sign out from the mess register and will receive rebates for the days they have not consumed from the caterer. Typically, students receive up to Rs 8000/- in fee rebates each year. However, this amount fluctuates according to the dates you have spent on campus. The caterer for the last few years has been Shakti Kitchens.

There are 3 mess buildings across the campus. The first one, called Mess 4, is very close to the IPM student lodgings. Mess 4 springs to life on leave days and during dinner. The second one is Mess 1, which is the closest to the academic block, which is where classes take place. Mess 1 is infamous for its long queues, especially during lunch-time. The third is Mess 3, which is the farthest from IPM students by distance. However, some of us prefer eating at mess 4 since it is less crowded and it is also close to one of our Gyms. An IPM student may be required to present their institute ID card at any mess, upon request. Apart from the compulsory mess, students also have the option of visiting the Mess 2, which is run by other caterers. Mess-2 has 3 outlets which employ a ticket system wherein a student orders their dish with one of the outlets and collects it when their token number is called out. Mess-2 has both veg and non-veg options. There is also a food court in the popular SR-10 basement. Just like any other food court, it provides a wide array of food options. Amul, The Tea Post and Nestle are three outlets that specialise in snacks and beverages. Chicke-N-Serve is a popular Indori restaurant chain that has an outlet in IIM Indore’s food court. Mars, another food outlet that is exclusively vegetarian and provides top quality food. 100% of IIM Indore’s student family visits the food court every week. Adda and JAM are two outdoor courts, thankfully these are also in the vicinity f the SR-10 food-court.


There are two separate hostels for male and female participants. The hostel for the male students is called SR-18, and the one for the female students is called SR-16. SR-18 is a three-storey accommodation with architecture in the form of a distorted ‘8’. In the first year, participants are allotted rooms on a random basis by the Hostel Office. For subsequent years, the participants are allowed to choose their roommates and bathroom mates. Every room has three occupants. The two rooms are joined by two common bathrooms and a shared balcony for hanging clothes. Thus, the common bathroom is shared between 6 participants. There are housekeeping staff in each hostel to clean the rooms on a daily basis. SR 18 and SR 16 have a spacious badminton court in the centre. Many intra and inter-college competitions have SR 18’s badminton court as a venue. SR 16 also has an additional lift for the participants to use. SR 18 has a spacious outdoor get together spot to compensate.

(PGP and IPM-4,5 hostel view from outside)

Each Student Residence has a medical room (infirmary), where the sick students may spend time upon approval from the medical-centre if they have a contagious disease. Student safety is taken very seriously. Fire extinguishers are present on every corner, and there are also first aid kits at the entrance of the respective hostels. In addition to this, there are guards and hostel wardens who ensure decorum and safety for all. The hostel authorities also enforce a curfew at 11:59 PM, i.e., all students must enter their hostels before the stipulated time. Some of the other facilities include a spacious common room, with a television, that can be used by all students. The students may also use board-games, snooker/pool-table and table-tennis boards in the common room. Rest assured, the institute tries its very best to every participant is able to live life to the fullest. There is also a student body called the Infrastructure Committee that oversees the various functions related to the mess and hostels. Students may route their concerns through the Infrastructure committee to ensure speedy resolutions of issues.

(IPM-1,2 Hostels)