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We have designed our subscription plan with the goal to give you the best possible services at the most affordable rates. We are focused on accessibility and quality.

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    • All Topics Video Material
  • 5000+ solved questions
  • Relevant Study Material
  • Live tests
  • Flexible Timeline
  • Personal Mentoring
  • Feedback sessions
  • Guidance sessions

Join IPM at IIM Indore and get a world class MBA. No worries, We'll help you crack the test!

We have designed the courses with reference to IPMAT. Unlike popular coaching centers, we dont use CAT materials, our course is designed by IPMers for IPMAT. We have made sure the process is comfortable, valuable and accessible for you throughout the course


Live Mock Tests

Practice makes perfect, and there’s no better way to do this than putting your skills to the test regularly. Consistent mock tests help you understand the structure of the exam and how to manage the time you are given. Live test links are sent out to the aspirants regularly. The tests may be topic-specific or a mix of questions from various topics.


Comprehensive Study Material

Any form of coaching would require regular and consistent preparation from its students. To facilitate continuous and comprehensive practice, evaluation and improvement of one’s capabilities, we’ve designed study materials that offer 5000+ questions. These questions are divided into degrees of varying difficulties, for stage by stage development and understanding.


Team of IPM students

As individuals who’ve already gone through the grind of studying for IPMAT and succeeded in getting through it, we possess expert knowledge of what the entrance examination demands out of its aspirants. We offer the participants an in-depth look into the workings of the exam and pointers/guidelines to tackle it’s more complex areas.


Live Video Sessions

Live sessions will be held explaining all topics and also enabling interactive learning. Aspirants can also request for more tutorials to be held, and we’ll try to keep them as soon as possible.



150+ Video Sessions

High quality recorded sessions for every topic under the curriculum is made available for the students using a state of the art learning platform. Students can track their progress, resume where they left off and study anywhere on any device. The sessions are taught by area experts and is up to date with the current IPMAT syllabus. Short and crisp content makes learning effortless.


Personal Mentors

All the aspirants will be assigned one personal mentor each from team ALPHA. The aspirants will be given their contact details, and the mentors will act as the first point of contact between the participants and the team. This is done to ensure that each of the aspirants receive personal attention and immediate guidance in times of need.


Will both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the education be covered?

Certainly. The study material includes mathematical and reasoning problems as well as questions that aim at testing and improving the participant’s linguistic prowess in English. In addition to this, live tutorials themselves will be aimed at developing both of these aspects rather than focusing on just one of them.

How will the live tests be conducted?

The link to the live tests will be sent via e-mail. Participants will have to access this URL and log in using (again) their registered emails. Consequently, the test will start. Once the test is over, the link will expire and the results will be uploaded to Alpha’s database

Is it hard for students who don't have a background in Math to crack IPMAT?

Students having a background in math will definitely have a slight edge over those that do not. But the gap can be closed easily through consistent practice and determination. Team ALPHA will be with the participants every step of the way: we’ll help them identify their weakness, assist them in rectifying them and even give them extra material to refer to and try out. If needed, live tutorials will be held to help them through the grind.

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