Is this coaching program hectic and time-consuming”

  • There is no time constraints to join our program
  • Our program can easily fit into any schedule you have such as 12th standard exams and stuff.
  • It can run parallel to other coaching programs you take. Hence, there is no clash between this coaching program and your other works.
  • You study according to your convenience. We merely guide you.

Will both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the education be covered?

A) Certainly. The study material includes mathematical and reasoning problems as well as questions that aim at testing and improving the participant’s linguistic prowess in English. In addition to this, live tutorials themselves will be aimed at developing both of these aspects rather than focusing on just one of them.

How will the live tests be conducted?

A) The link to the live tests will be sent via e-mail. Participants will have to access this URL and log in using (again) their registered emails. Consequently, the test will start. Once the test is over, the link will expire and the results will be uploaded to ALPHA’s database.

Is it hard for students who don’t have a background in Math to crack IPMAT?

A} Students having a background in math will definitely have a slight edge over those that do not. But the gap can be closed easily through consistent practice and determination. Team ALPHA will be with the participants every step of the way: we’ll help them identify their weakness, assist them in rectifying them and even give them extra material to refer to and try out. If needed, live tutorials will be held to help them through the grind.

What kind of help will the “personal mentors” provide?

A) Each participant of our initiative will be assigned a personal mentor who’ll interact with the participants, as the name suggests, on a personal level. Their personal contact details be shared with the corresponding participant. The personal mentors will entertain all doubts and queries that the mentee has about IPMAT, be it general or academic. This is done to forge a strong bond between the participants and the team.