IPMAT is a computer-based online exam with a duration of 2 hours. It consists of three sections comprising both MCQs and integer type questions. There is an allotted time of 40 minutes for each section. Each section will be made available only after 40 minutes and no changes can be made to the previous sections once this time limit has been exceeded.

The 1st section: ‘Quantitative Ability 1’

Consists of 40 multiple choice questions to be answered in 40 minutes. Each correct answer awards you 4 marks and a wrong answer deducts 1 mark. One can expect JEE-MAINS level questions in this section. A good problem-solving speed would be of great help as the questions are relatively easy. Revising statistics would be a good move as this section would contain a large number of graph interpretation related questions. Also do touch up on topics such as simple interest, compound interest, geometry, progressions, matrices and determinants.

The 2nd section: ‘Verbal ability’

Consists of 40 multiple choice questions testing your basic linguistic skills. It has a similar marking scheme as the 1st section. Expect 2-3 long passages with 5 questions pertaining to each. Over 10 questions will be based on antonyms and synonyms. Other questions include spotting error, best summary questions, jumbled paragraphs and logical completion of paragraphs. Practising a few similar questions beforehand would be of great help. 40 minutes is more than enough time to finish this section so there is no need to be hasty.

The 3rd section: ‘Quantitative Ability 2’

Consists of 20 integer type questions. In this section, 4 marks are awarded for each right answer however there is no negative marking. The answer to each question could be an integer or a number with decimals. Round off the number to the nearest decimals according to the directions given in the question paper. The corresponding answer must be entered via the virtual keyboard. There usually are a few tricky questions in this section, so carefully read the question, think about it and then only further solve it. This is an easy scoring section if carefully solved.

Logical Ability

This sections contains simple logic based questions. Expect questions like blood relations, analogy identification, series completion, pattern completion, logical deduction and chart logic.