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We're revolutionizing the way aspirants prepare for IPMAT

We are a group of students enrolled in the IPM program, who decided to make the preparation journey smoother for future IPM aspirants. At Alpha,we believe that every student with a dream and the will to work has been chosen to do great things. With inputs from IPM students , we at Alpha offer an online repository of up-to-date resources and guidance that makes your IPMAT preparation right on track to land you at IIM Indore.


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We believe in quality preparation through the right materials


IPM Students

We believe in the power of
community engagement and peer to peer learning.


Meet the Team

Mohammed Shahid

(IPM 2017-22), Founder

Mohammed Ajder

(IPM 2017-22), Founder

Alpha is a community of IPM students. From your mentors to the web developers, everyone is an IPMer. We are students at core and understand you and your needs better than anyone out there.
Preparation made Hassle-free

Online Coaching Helps you learn Anywhere, Anytime

Online coaching allows students to learn more than that they do in conventional classes. With study materials and tests made available on the web, students are free to learn and practice anywhere anytime, on the go. Learning is once again made interactive and engaging

24*7 study support and IPM students as mentors
100+ Video sessions and Live classes covering all topics
Updated syllabus and study material with 5000+ solved questions


IPM 2020 Batch
The seniors that talk to you are very helpful. All my interview doubts were cleared easily with no stress and tension.


IPM 2020 Batch
Acing Alpha’s mock tests was what gave me the confidence that I can clear IPMAT. The paper analysis told me exactly where I needed to improve.

Abhijeet Varma

IPM 2019 Batch
Loved the way these guys teach, and the material is easy to understand too. My number 1 recommendation for anyone looking to clear IPMAT


IPM 2019 - 24 Batch
They are one of the very few credible institutions offering quality mentoring and were crucial in helping me crack the IPMAT

V.S Niranj

IPM 2018 - 23 Batch
The only solid help I got during my preparation. These people knew what they were doing!