While I asked myself this question quite frequently before going ahead and deciding to join this programme, I didn’t quite expect the answers I consoled myself with then, to be so different from those that I have now.

We are a spectacular species, dear reader, and that is something you must be tired of hearing again and again, but bear with me for a while.

We persevere.

We adapt.

We overcome.

Above all, we think.

And that is what IPM instils in you over time. The ability to understand, think, adapt and act within the suffocating constraints you are bound by. Do not let the BA tag mislead you; this is one of the most hectic undergraduate degrees that colleges in India have to offer, if not the most.

IPM, the Integrated Programme in Management offered by IIM Indore and Rhothak, is a novel approach to moulding leaders and managers of the future.

In five years, these institutions hope to produce a batch of innovators and pacemakers who are “socially conscious” and “contextually relevant”.

That concludes the formalities. What do we as students stand to gain?

The education provided is truly well rounded and holistic. I kid you not when I say that in the first three terms, your passion for Music or flair in Drama or, should you chose it, your aptitude for Dance has as much of an effect on your GPA as does Microeconomics.

The academics mainly focus on developing “analytical rigour”, understanding “the core disciplines on which the study of management is based”, and to lend “breadth and perspective” to the student’s thought.

The teachers, the staff and, more importantly, the seniors are quite approachable and helpful should you have doubts to clear or queries to ask.

The programme gives you unique opportunities to interact with people from all academic backgrounds. You could discuss the implications of the Higgs Boson, question Socrates, denounce or appreciate Marx, grumble about the stocks, all in one classroom and there’d be people to listen to all of your musings and reply validly. The diversity of thought is mind-boggling, and, as you will soon realise, as educative as the subjects taught in the classrooms. Being an institute that consists of students from across the country and even beyond, you’ll also be exposed to people from different cultures, disposed to a plethora of ideas, widening your outlook and broadening perspective.

The campus, lush green and spread across about 193 acres, provides ample space for recreation. There are also opportunities provided to play almost every sport of your choice!

A very active student council body (formally: the IPM Student Activity Council [SAC]) means that you are constantly encouraged to try your hand at a variety of challenges that stimulate your mind. You are also given several opportunities to put up your skills on display! Apart from the Clubs and Committees, there are also Special Interest Groups that are part of the SAC, which are groups consisting of people with specific interests. Such groups allow like-minded individuals to find each other and promote interaction and socialisation.

Atharv and Ranbhoomi, the two fests organised purely by IPM students are the largest in Central India in their domains. Everything from the Logistics required to the Corporate Relations involved are handled deftly by IPMers and provide the students with the unique opportunity to contribute to the success of these grand celebrations and (in the second and third years of their college life) become managers of one of the domains on the fest themselves.

All of these activities and more, coupled with the academics, make life at IIM Indore quite hectic. But they also contribute to making the experience exhilarating and worthwhile.

Sure, you’ll rant about the deadlines.

Sure, you’ll complain about the tight schedule.

Sure, you may punch a wall or two in frustration on losing those crucial marks due to other work you may have had the day before the exam.

But guess what? You’ll have fun all the way!

Now, I admit, the previous statement could be subjective, but there’s no denying the fact that IPM is an exciting course. And slowly, the IPM graduates are turning into exciting prospects for companies to hire. (signified by the closing gap between avg. salary of PGP students and IPM students)

The potential in such a pool of students is enormous. With a continually evolving syllabus that responds dynamically to what the market demands, IPM students stand as a unique clique of managers and leaders, who can face almost every adversity with open minds and steady hearts.

So tell me, dear reader, have I answered your question?